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Unlocking the Potential of Solar Energy


Our Mission

SolarGik's mission is to unlock the potential of solar energy by solving the industry's biggest challenges - intermittency, reliability, predictability and flexible production and distribution.

SolarGik was founded by veterans of the solar energy industry with hundreds of years of combined solar industry experience. They have designed, installed and operated hundreds of thousands of solar trackers with Gigawatts of installed capacity

Solar Panels

Market Challenge

PV markets are experiencing tremendous growth as an increasing number of countries embrace the future of solar energy. At the same time, energy markets are undergoing another major shift - from predetermined price and structure agreements (PPAs) to open competition in merchant markets. The convergence of these two trends has major ramifications for off-takers, developers and technology providers, as they will be expected to provide the same consistency, predictability and reliability of traditional baseload players.




Utility Markets

Open competition in utility markets will require Photovoltaic (PV) projects to consistently and accurately forecast, generate, store and shift energy to meet their commitments. At the same time, PV players will need to continue lowering LCOE to stay competitive with other sources of energy. Without this capability, PV players will be unable to sell at peak pricing windows and forced to sell at lower prices. Project profitability will increasingly depend on the ability to sell at peak pricing hours. Specifically, the three major challenges PV projects will face will be around their intermittent production, inaccurate generation forecasting and inability to provide smart energy shifting.


Our Solutions

SolarGik offers smart PV tracker solutions that are modular, configurable, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain, which provide 20-25% more energy production than fixed-tilt panels. Our trackers can be installed any place a fixed-tilt panel can be installed. Our “Master Control System” serves as a project-level SCADA/DCS system and knows how to calculate and balance all the relevant parameters (weather, project-specific data, wind, radiation, degradation, agricultural needs, etc).


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