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AgriPV is the dual use of agricultural land for both solar energy and agriculture. In many places, agricultural lands are the only viable solution for large-scale ground-mounted solar energy projects. However, AgriPV is unique. the crops must have access to and benefit from the sunlight, hence solar PV modules cannot utilize all the sunlight.

AgriPV requires structures that allow farmers and agricultural machines access to the fields to treat the crops, while still being cost-effective. Oftentimes, these structures are much higher off the ground and more exposed to winds and need more reinforcement. They are also more complicated to clean.​


We offer a Smart Platform that can track the sun, increase energy generation, and balance sun utilization between crops and panels in order to optimize the combination of agricultural and financial outcomes.

Our trackers are light, small, easy to install & maintain and have a lower CAPEX cost. They can be driven into the ground without concrete foundations in a “Stand Alone” format. We can adjust the structure to fit specific crops and ground conditions, up to 5m high without the need for crossbeams.

Reduced CAPEX

A lightweight structure that is +30% lighter than the competition 20-25KG per kWp

Reduced O&M Costs

High MTBF Dirt and dew minimization Mechanical clipping - extending inverter and panel lifetime

Increased Energy Generation

Proprietary solar tracking algorithms, as well as satellite data and weather analytics

Optimized Solar Plant Control

Data analytics Real-time plant model Smart energy shifting

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