Rooftop Solar Trackers

Market Challenge

Considering the tremendous availability of rooftop and parking space at large retail sites, tech companies, and industrial factories, installing PV could save companies millions of dollars. In fact, many who install Solar PV find that it generates around half of their energy needs.

Despite all the environmental benefits and financial incentives, many companies are faced with the simple truth: solar installation does not generate high enough IRR, and the investment breakeven period is too long.


We believe there is another solution: rooftop solar trackers. They provide 20-25% more energy production than fixed-tilt panels while costing nearly the same. This significantly boosts project IRR% and NPV and shortens the breakeven period. Installing rooftop solar trackers would dramatically change the financial equation for many projects and increase the pace of rooftop solar adoption.

Reduced CAPEX

A lightweight structure that is +30% lighter than the competition 20-25KG per kWp

Reduced O&M Costs

High MTBF Dirt and dew minimization Mechanical clipping - extending inverter and panel lifetime

Increased Energy Generation

Proprietary solar tracking algorithms, as well as satellite data and weather analytics

Optimized Solar Plant Control

Data analytics Real-time plant model Smart energy shifting


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