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Greenhouse Solar Trackers

Market Challenge 

In many places, agricultural lands are the only viable solution for large-scale ground-mounted solar energy projects. Specifically, AgriPV on top of greenhouses is an attractive option because the solar tracker doesn’t have to “compete” for solar energy with the crops. 


We have designed our greenhouse trackers to be installed on top of the greenhouse gutters and thus fully utilize the existing greenhouse structure. It increases energy production relative to fix-tilt solutions (20-25%). To fit properly on the greenhouse, the system is lightweight (20%-30% lighter), which also translates to lower LCOE, higher IRR and shorter breakeven period.

Lower LCOE

A lightweight structure that is +30% lighter than the competition

20-25KG per kWp

Reduced O&M Costs


Predictive analytics and dirt reduction based on proprietary weather sensing and nowcasting

Increased Energy Generation

Proprietary solar tracking algorithms, as well as satellite data and weather analytics

Optimizing Agricultural Land

Ability to ensure varying degrees of light and shade for the crops based on seasonality

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