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Data Processing


Cloud-based Intelligent Software Solution for Monitoring, Controlling and Optimizing Solar Plants

Market Challenge 

In order for solar energy to become a true "Baseload" player, it will need to provide dependability, predictability, and flexibility. And while storage will certainly be a crucial component in this transition, smart control systems are necessary to provide full control over assets. As markets shift away from PPA to Open Markets with time-of-day pricing, project profitability will no longer just depend on generation maximization and cost reduction but increasingly depend on the ability to effectively interface with the open market.


Centralized control of PV plants to increase profitability, flexibility, and predictability

This new reality requires a solution that monitors, controls, and manages PV plants from end to end. For this to happen, it is not enough for each field component, (i.e. inverters, trackers, batteries) to try and optimize on their own, rather there must be a central optimization engine that provides command and control in real-time based on a dynamically changing environment.

SolarGik’s Orchestration Master Application (SOMA), is an all-in-one site management software for optimizing solar plant performance. It is an on-premise intelligent solution linking the various field-level components thus allowing for smooth, dependent, and predictable energy generation. The SOMA also has cloud-based monitoring capabilities for performance tracking, asset management, and O&M optimization.

  • Dirt reduction and cleaning optimization

  • Intermittency mitigation based on weather forecasting 

  • Mechanical clipping to reduce overheating and hardware degradation

  • Smart energy shifting based on time-of-day pricing

  • Balancing sunlight utilization between crops and  energy generation 

  • Electric verification of optimal tracking algorithms

Unique Optimization Algorithms

Intermittency mitigation Mechanical clipping to reduce overheating and hardware degradation

Smart O&M - Reducing Costs

Dirt reduction and cleaning optimization

Malfunction and cleaning alerts

Increased Energy Generation

Proprietary solar tracking algorithms, as well as satellite, weather and crop data and analytics

Optimized Solar Plant Control

Data analytics

Real-time plant model

Smart energy shifting based on time-of-day pricing

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